About Us

Fresh Aisle Mart Private Limited is an epicure's paradise, an online & offline store for those who love great food and great ingredients. We offer you the ultimate selection of international specialty foods such as Exotic Vegetables, Cheese, Breads, Chocolates, Oils and Vinegars, Specialty meats, Teas, Truffles, and many other gastronomic delights. Explore the best and most elegant foods in the world at prices that will amaze you.


In 2020, we set out on mission: make it easier for foodies around Kolkata to find all their favourite foods and ingredients, in one easy-to-shop place. We wanted to create a comprehensive online & offline catalog of those rare and unique ingredients, while always seeking the new greatest thing in the food world.


At Fresh Aisle, you can find thousands of foods – from Cheese to the world’s most amazing Chocolates, foods that make eating a glamorous experience, that elevate home cooking and take everyday life to new gourmet heights. We carefully curate our selection, making sure we’re always on top of food trends, great new artisans, and seeking sustainable food sources: everything that makes the gourmet food experience incredible.